Croatian Case Study: Second preparatory meeting was held in Poreč (Istria) on September 19th. Below, a short report of the meeting.

The 2nd meeting of the Croatian Case Study was held in Poreč (west coast of Istra, northern Adriatic) between the involved fishers. Local small-scale fishermen Kristijan Zović and Ranko Bonaca were helping the project responsibles in the preparation of the meetings. After contacts withe local SSF was decided to organize 2nd meeting on 19th September.

Marzia Piron (MEDAC) and Aleš Bolje, coordinator of Slovenian Case Study, as well, attended the second meeting. After a short welcome speech and introducing to fishers, the agenda was followed. Firstly, new fishers were informed about the Project through a brief presentation used in the 1st meeting by Simone Serra and presented by Sanja Matić-Skoko. Fishers are familiarized with project objectives, methodology, general activities, the Case Studies detail and expected outputs and results together with possibilities or channels for communication during the project duration.

After that, the fulfilling of the questionnaire was performed. Sanja Matić-Skoko introduced the fishers about the importance of data collection and sharing for the strengthening of the sector participation in the decision-making process. The questionnaire was presented on the projector screen and Sanja Matić-Skoko was guiding fishers through fulfilling. Some explanation was needed were questions were confusing. In total, 36 fulfilled questionnaires are collected, but just 16 are filled on the meeting. Due to the low numbers of participants, was decided to share the questionnaires among the local SSF population. Thus, additional 20 questionnaires were collected.

Matić-Skoko presented also two topics or current examples of more actively involvement of local SSF in the decision-making process in Croatia. The presentation was showing the progress of existing projects regarding stock assessment of common lobster, Homarus gammarus, in western coast of Istria (northern Adriatic) and assessment of damage caused by competition between dolphins and SSF. Fishers are involved from the beginning in the project proposal, a survey financed by the Croatian Fisheries Department proposed by fishers. They are helping in sampling and they will be involved in proposal of amendments to legal provisions and the calculation of compensation for damage resulting on fishing gear and catch. It is decided that brief summary and one-month progress will be also presented on the main event in October.

All participants are introduced for anticipated schedule at Final event. They were informed that it will be an occasion for information sharing, learning, suggestions and networking with the SSF from Italy and Slovenia and the event will be held in the presence of local institutions (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Department, Advisory Service in Fisheries, local authorities, fisheries cooperatives, FLAGs,…), European institutions (European Commission, MEDAC and representatives from Italy and Slovenia) and the project Coordinator UNIMAR.