Planned Activities

– interviews with associations’ representatives, MEDAC representatives and other experts at national and local level, through phone, Internet contacts, questionnaires and web search, in order to collect a complete information on the Mediterranean framework of the entities interested in SSF

– set up a Register of the organizations and enterprises representing SSF at a local, national and international level

– set up of a SSF fleet Mediterranean database

Planned activities

– meetings with the MEDAC staff, responsibles and members, through face-to-face, phone and Internet contact

– data analysis and reporting, papers and MEDAC documents regarding SSF related issues

Three Case Studies have been identified in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, in order to reach the single fishers’ level, involve them in meetings and collect detailed information about the sector representativeness and critical issues.

Planned activities

– training of the facilitators

– building of the network of contacts: a link among all the potentially interested entities will be set up, in order to enhance the sharing of problems and needs, through contacts and dissemination of information

– in each of the three Case Studies, 1 event for the stakeholders’ awareness-rising and mutual learning: during these meetings, the facilitators are helping the fishers to share information and opinions about SSF, its problems and the needs of being represented at institutional levels

– setting up of tools for experience gathering and information sharing, such as a methodological toolbox built up through interviews and focus groups and containing best practices, suggestions and hints useful for stakeholders and representatives to collect knowledge and build up constructive relationships

Planned activities

– using the database of the Organizations built up in the Phase 1 and basing on the results of the Case Studies events coming out from the Phase 3, a network is planned to be set up, mainly through the creation of instruments for the exchange of information and mutual learning: a pilot web Portal on Mediterranean SSF with multiple aims is planned to be set up, in which the tools for information sharing will be put at disposal of the users, such as the methodological toolbox and the model created in the Case Studies; at the same time, the portal can be an instrument for the users to submit experiences and questions